Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Life with Gibson: The first 2 months

Change of Plans
August 21, 2008
Well, I was supposed to be "visiting" Gibson this Saturday, just to see him and because my breeder will be at a horse exhibition an hour closer to me than she lives..and then actually bringing him home in 3 weeks.. Well, change of plans! Since Gibson is going to be 8 weeks and closer driving distance to us, we've decided to bring him home with us on Saturday!! I'm so excited :) Tonight we need to do some serious puppy shopping and getting our home ready for our little boy. Lack of sleep, here I come!

Gibson's first weekend
August 25, 2008
Well, we went and picked up Gibson this Saturday as planned :) He's the cutest puppy ever, I swear. And he's so incredibly smart. He's already learned 'come' and 'no' and he's only had *knock on wood* one accident in the house! Everything else has been outside :) And the first night he slept all the way through w/o whining once (today he needed to potty at 5am, but that's still pretty good for a little puppy, i'd say!). His favorite thing to do is run around the yard. He will follow me and my husband everywhere, it's wonderful :) We think he's herding us, it's too cute. It's adorable that we are walking at our normal pace and meanwhile Gibson is sprinting to keep up with us hehe.

Well, anyways, so far, so good. Today is his first day by himself in the house, and he's been pretty sad, but he needs to get used it. And he's lucky his mom and dad both work close enough to come home for lunch! :)

9 weeks old
September 2, 2008
Gibson is 9 weeks old today and he's been with us for 10 days!

He is still doing really well. He can be a brat, but is a good learner. He already knows sit, come, lay down, and his name (although I think he thinks his name is 'good boy!' too). We're starting to work on leash training, but I think the leash we bought him is too big/heavy. I just can't wait to take him on walks to work off some of his energy and stimulate him with new things. I also tried to put a dog tag on his collar today, but I think it was too big/heavy for him too! When he'd sniff the ground it would scrape against the floor and then he'd just try with all his might to get the thing in his mouth to bite it off. How old do they need to be to put tags on them? I just don't want anything to happen to him if he got lost :(

He's doing wonderfully with his potty training. He sleeps through the entire night in his crate (my alarm wakes us up), and he even let me sleep in on weekends (I'm knocking on wood while I type all of this)! He's had a few accidents, but they were mainly when I would leave him alone when I should've been watching him. Otherwise, he's been going to the door to be let out, or looking at me and barking.

He plays a lot and likes to chew on anything and everything. He's learned not to chew on wires and other items of ours around the house though...although mommy's shoes and slippers or for sure for him to eat! He started frapping the other night and it's hilarious, he'll run circles in the backyard and around our coffee table like a mad man. I love it since that means he's probably going to pass out soon ;)

We had one scare last week.. He puked quite a bit on Wednesday night. Not sure why...He still was playful and wanted to eat more, and his poops were normal.. He was fine the next day *shrug*. It might have been that he ate something that needed to come out (he loves eating everything in the yard) or that I need to go slower in transitioning him from puppy chow to wellness. We'll see, he's been fine since then.

EDIT: Forgot to mention..he has some serious temper tantrums..is this normal? It's like when he's really tired he runs at my feet and grows and then will bark his head off at me to play with him and will squirm and whine if i pick him up..I really hope it's something he grows out of..and if not, something I can teach him not to do :(

Well, that's his first week update! His first vet visit with me is Thursday, and I'm looking forward to it, haha :)

10 weeks old
September 9, 2008
Well, little Gibson has had quite the week! He's still doing fabulously with the potty training and crate training..and learning a few basic commands (sit, stay, lay down). He can be a little mean at times though, which worries me, even though I know it's just the way he plays. He will herd us and run up and growl at us and bite at our feet..we've tried lots of techniques to get him to stop but nothing has really worked yet. So, today I sent in registration for puppy obedience at our park district! I'm pretty excited about it :) It's an 8 week course for only $37! I was kind of weary about obedience classes, since none of our dogs have ever needed them, but I think this will be good for him.

So, to continue the recap of last week.. He had interactions with neighbor dogs and kids last week. He get sooo excited for both. His little butt shakes so hard and he gets so hyper. He was good with most of the kids, but scared one little girl because of his excitedness (a.k.a. getting a little nippy). She got scared and ran away, which, to gibson, meant she wanted him to chase her... Yeah, not good. From now on he's not allowed in our front yard without a leash and I will not let kids pet him until he's better behaved or their parents are around (I know this should've been my rule to begin with, but he was so little and timid that it did not seem to be a concern at first)

He also had his first vet appointment on Thursday. It turns out that he had Coccidia :( I feel so bad about it, because I thought his poop was just normal puppy poop, but it turns out he was sick. This is also probably why he was vomiting the week before. Other than that though, the vet said he was beautiful and healthy..and he just LOVES his medicine for the coccidia. It smells like white chocolate mint..I'm tempted to try it! haha. I can tell he's getting better.

This weekend was his first road trip and meeting with both sets of grandparents and aunts and uncles! We traveled an hour and a half to my parents on Friday. He was so good on the way down, he just slept in his crate. He had a blast at my parents..they have a huge yard, and a black lab for him to play with. My friends came to see him and loved him. The next day we went to my husbands parents, which is a 2 and a half hour drive. He did great there too.. He did not have one accident in either house, it was great..and he did not get too incredibly bitey... not until yesterday.. I had to wake him up to go see my sister and he was sooo out of control hyper/grouchy! He made us look like fantastic owners all the way up until this point..but I blame it on me waking him up from a deep sleep ;)

Well, now we're back and he's kind of sad I think to not be around as many people and what not.. I'm glad that he had some good socialization while he was so young though.

September 12, 2008
So I thought Gibson was an allstar at crate training..but yesterday I started smelling pee when I was sitting on the floor next to his crate, and today it was really bad and he stunk of pee! So I decide to investigate his crate and there it is under his bedding, a nice wet spot...and after pulling out his bedding I notice a huge stain on the bottom of it! Ugh! He does not cry or whine at all when he's in there. It's a very small crate too, I even thought be too small. Why does he think it's ok to pee where he sleeps all of a sudden? I threw his bedding an big stuffed animal in the wash and will not put them back in until he hold it. I hope this works :( Grrr!

11 weeks old
September 16, 2008
My Gibson is 11 weeks today! He's getting so big..I swear he goes in his crate at night and comes out a different puppy :) And he's looking...chunkier? Is this normal for growing puppies? Everyone is commenting on what a chunk he is (maybe because he waddles), but I know I do not overfeed. The area around his neck especially, but I think that might be normal for a corgi? In any case, he's adorable. I'm seriously excited to see how he will look when he's an adult. I know a lot of people want their dogs to be puppies forever, but I want a dog, dang it! hehe

He's becoming a little more well behaved..he'll actually sit and let me put his leash on without struggling (woot). He started going on walks with me (which are sometimes a breeze and sometimes a struggle). And he's not biting skin anymore, just clothing ;) And besides my rant about him having an accident in his crate, he's been perfect w/potty training! Oh wait..besides when he decided to pee on our carpet..literally 10 minutes after it was installed haha. I think he learned from that mistake though cause he hasn't had any accidents since.

Last night I went to our first obedience class. Dogs didn't come the first night, so I just learned what we'd be doing for the next 10 weeks. At first I was really turned off because the trainer does not do a treat class, she uses 'training' collars, which I've always kind of been against (I got teary-eyed and almost walked out! I couldn't think of using a coke collar on little gibby). After listening to her though, her methods really did make sense. I'd rather gibson expect love and praise from me than treats. She must know what she's doing, she trains police dogs and akc show dogs, and she's also trained dogs on movie sets! We will see.. It's an all ages class, but 99% of the dogs are puppies, so I think Gibson will not look like too much of a dork ;)

Here's to another good week!

12 weeks old
September 25, 2008
Well it's been confirmed: Gibson is a bit of a tub. We went to the vet last night and when she was examining him, she said, "look at the round little belly, you must have just eaten huh?" Uh oh. No, Gibson hasn't eaten since lunch time (the appointment was at 6).

 She said he was a little "portly" and I should not increase the amount of food I give him for awhile. I was feeding him 1/4 of a cup three times a day, but then I increased it to 1/3 of a cup three times a day after reading that some people feed their corgi puppies 1 1/2 - 2 cups a day! I thought I was starving the poor little guy! The rule my vet gave me was 1 cup per 10 lbs of puppy, and gibson weighed in at 9.6lbs..so I'm just about right, was probably just overfeeding him for a week or two :)

Another update: He doesn't have any parasites anymore! Yay, no coccidia!! Now I can take him more places w/o worrying. Oh and the vet's office absolutely goes ga-ga over Gibson. They said he should be their mascot, haha. They always bring out everyone to come see him since he's the "cutest puppy ever". And of course all the people bringing their pets in love him too. When it was time to go he did not want to leave! it was ridiculous :) But I guess it's good he doesn't hate going to the vet!

The rest of the week had it's ups and downs. He will be really good one day, and then the next be a little terror. I'm trying to walk him more to get out his energy, but he's not wanted to leave the yard. It's kind of embarrassing when he'll fight so hard not to go.. I resorted to carrying him the first block for a few days and he at least would walk after that (bad idea, I know, but he at least got some exercise). The past few days he's been a little more open to the idea of leaving the yard though, and as long as I say "come on let's go" enough times he'll come with me :)

On one of the REALLY bad days, my husband kind of flipped and said Gibson was not worth it and it was a mistake to get him and lots of other horrible things :( To the point where I thought he was going to say we'd have to give him up or we'd end up divorcing over it (yeah I tend to jump to conclusions)! To his defense though, we've had an extremely stressful 5 or so months since we've gotten married. We got married, he got a raise & new position, then was told where he was working was shutting down, got a new job, we searched for a home and bought one (which is a fixer-uper..lots of work!) and now we're raising a puppy! I handle the stress a little better than him, so yeah he kind of lost it one night when Gibson would not even let him pet him (he's never had puppy growing up and did not realize about the mouthing and other fun puppy things..). Luckily, the next day he was perfectly fine and loved Gibson again :) But yeah, kind of a rough day!

Anyway, I'm hoping to take Gibson somewhere fun this weekend, and then on Monday his obedience class starts!

13 weeks old
October 1, 2008
Gibson is officially 3 months old today! He has had an exciting few days.

This weekend, I took him home to my parents (my parent's house has always been known as "Disneyland" to other kids and dogs because of their big back yard, pool, lots of fun toys my dad would make, etc., and it's surrounded by woods) to play and meet some new people. I took him to a party down the street at a neighbor's house, and he got to play with a huge american bulldog and some kids. There was a little 3 year old who really scared him though. She is really rough w/animals and tried to pick him up by his head and kept pushing him down. I wanted him to get used to being around kids, but not if they are going to scare him! So I sat by her the entire time and told her to be gentle with him and by the end of the party he was a little more comfortable around her (phew). On the walk home, I let Gibson off-leash and he was awesome!! He walks so much better than he does on a leash. He just loved running through the tall weeds and would mimic everything my parent's black lab (Coal) would do :) If she ran through the weeds he would too.. If she picked up a stick he would find something to pick up too.. it was adorable! The next day we took him for a super long walk through the woods on a trail and around a lake. He was in heaven and such a good little guy. At the lake, my mom was throwing a ball in for Coal to fetch and Gibson was so interested in what she was doing. So much so, that he got too close to the water and fell in! He went under for a second and then came up and started paddling around until I grabbed him out of there. He was a little scared, but then he kept going back by the water to see if he could do it again haha. I'm glad he's a brave pup. After that he even ran down a steep hill after Coal to jump in the creek down there and then ran all the way back up! I was impressed! haha. When we got back home, he slept the ENTIRE rest of the day, it was awesome! haha

Monday night was his first obedience training class. I must say, he was the best behaved dog there :) 90% of the class were retrievers puppies, and then there was a pitbull, a bulldog, a rat terrier, some kind of fluffy dog, and a miniature fox terrier. So yeah, most of the dogs were gigantic compared to Gibson. The trainers dog is a HUGE doberman too, yikes! Anyways, when we got there all of the dogs were barking and pulling on leashes to try to get to the other dogs like crazy..and Gibson was just sitting nicely next to me wondering what all these weirdos were doing. He was very scared at first, his little legs were shaking, but then played a little with the fox terrier and a lab puppy, so that made him happier. Back to the class itself...The first night all we did was practice walking on a leash, it was VERY tiring. We'd have them sit and then heel..then just walk and turn around different ways then stop. Gibson did ok, but he would not walk on my left side! He also got very tired at one point and kept stopping (which would pull the collar too tight and he would yelp, poor little guy :( ) and then some dorky puppies would think he was a little chew toy and would go after him. It was exhausting, but I think he actually learned a lot. The next day when I walked him he actually walked with me the entire time! No stopping or fighting or pulling to go back home, yay! And if I'd say heel, he'd speed up to catch up with me. It's great! I can't wait to practice more and show him off in class next week :-D

14 weeks old
October 9 2008
This past weekend my husband and I took Gibson to a forest preserve to do some hiking! He absolutely loved it, he's definitely an outdoors pup :) He loved going down this hill to see the river. He got so excited and started frapping all over the place. I would've let him go in, but I forgot to bring a towel and we brought the car w/leather seats, whoops! I think his FAVORITE part of the whole thing though, was meeting random people. I swear, he just loves meeting anyone new and having them tell him how cute he is. Little boys are his favorite,

I think because my breeder had 3 sons. So, all in all, the hike went great and it caused him to lounge around the whole day on Sunday, yay! It's so true that a good puppy is a tired puppy.

Speaking of lounging.. He is turning into such a little cuddler! I was worried when we first got him, because he did not want to be near us when was laying down or trying to sleep, but in the past week he's taken naps on my lap and between me and my husband when we're watching tv at night. We even snuggled w/him in bed one night and he just lovvved it. It was tempting to let him sleep w/us in there, but I'm just not sure I want a dog sleeping w/us all the time. I used to not be able to sleep when my cat slept in my bed because I thought he's suffocate under my covers or I'd roll over and smash him haha. I don't know, we shall see..

We also started going a new way on our walks this past week, and I hit the jackpot for him :) There is one stretch of road where there are always about 6 or 7 little girls playing outside and they always come out and give him lots of love.. AND they own a little dachshund to plays w/him too! He just loves it and doesn't want to leave. I'm glad he's a friendly pup!

Oh yeah, I mentioned that he slept all day Sunday... well, that kind of backfired, because Monday he was an absolute terror!! And of course, that was obedience class night. He was just awful. He would not listen, he kept jumping on us and crying, and he would not poop for me in the 2 hours before class, so he had to go during class..sheesh. At least he didn't have to go IN class, but I had to leave and take him out during it. He just was not in the mood...but I will say, he did very well at actually walking on my left side the entire time :) This week we continued working on leash training, heel, and sit... and we taught them to stay and to walk around objects with us. He's done very well so far on our practices, so we'll see if he behaves in class next week.

One last thought before I stop.. I believe he is *knock on wood* completely housebroken! It's been 3 weeks since any kind of accident or attempt at going inside. He holds everything much longer and I don't have to take him out nearly as often. He's just been wonderful w/it. Now, if he just stopped chewing everything, I could think about maybe crating him less often!!

15 weeks old
October 14, 2008
Welllll...... Gibson sleeps in bed w/us now *whoops*. He has just been so good this past week, and me and my husband decided to let him in bed w/us Friday night. He was so cute, he just plopped down at the foot of the bed and fell asleep :) He still did not wake me up in the morning, just waited for me to get up like he does in his crate. The next night he got up and started kissing us on the faces and tried sleeping on our pillows, so we put him back in his crate..but he slept w/us again last night and was a good boy and just snuggled our legs. I just love this little guy more and more every day.

He's been doing great w/obedience. He will sit every time we come to an intersection now w/o me telling him too (yay!). Stay has been tough..he can only do it when he's laying down for some reason. If he's sitting, he'll immediately stand up when I walk away from him. Last night in class we tried stay w/a 15 foot lead and he thought the lead was just a huge toy. He kept pouncing at it as it moved *rolls eyes*. So we'll have to work on that this week. Other than that we learned 'down' this week, which Gibson is already a superstar at, so I was excited. It was nice when all I had to say was down and point to the ground and he'd be down, while others had to pull their dogs legs out from under them :) He also got to actually play w/some of the other dogs for a long time before class and they had a blast. Him and a few rat terriers were playing so nicely, no barking or growling.. I was proud :)

This weekend  I took Gibson to a small lake in my town for a walk. I had been there before, but never went pas the parking lot area, and it was really nice! There was a nice open area for him to run, trails that went along the river, and a beach area for him to go in and swim! It's nice having a place like this to take him so close to home.

This week my inlaws are over and then this weekend I'm going home to my parents and Gibson will get to meet my ENTIRE family (including lots of dogs) for my mom's birthday party...so we're excited about that!!


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