Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Good Times and Bad

I'm really upset with GIbson right now. I went home for lunch earlier and was so happy to see the little bugger. He did his normal routine of crawling out of his crate and stretching like life was way too hard to do anything else :) I let him out, fed him, and then made my own lunch and ate. During this time normally, Gibson sits in the living room where i can see him and chews his bully stick or plays until I'm done and can play with him. Well today I lost sight of him and did not hear him for awhile..I got concerned, so I got up and looked at what he was doing. He walked over towards me and started hunching his back to poop! Right in front of me! And then I looked over and he had pooped on our new carpet in the den! I know, he's a puppy and all, but he hasn't done this since the very first day we brought him home over 2 months ago. Pee, has taken more work, but I thought he had the pooping outside thing down pat! So, I took him outside immediately to have him finish if he needed to..which he did..and I was going to praise him for going outside like normal. But I couldn't. Why? Because he decided to take off running across the street after a squirrel! I just can't believe it.

He's been sooo incredibly good lately..Not acting up..Biting has been down..Obedience has been going awesome..He's been sleeping in our bed! I've just fallen head over heels for this guy and he never leaves my side.

*sigh* Now, I just can't wait to go back home to be with him and give him all the love in the world.


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